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Vickers PVB pump
Eaton Vickers PVB & PFB Axial Piston Pump
Vickers PVB Variable Hydraulic Piston Pump
Vickers PFB Fiexed Hydraulic Piston Pump
Size: PVB5, PVB6, PBB10, PVB15, PVB20, PVB29, PVB45
Sample: PVB45-RSF20-CM-11
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Vickers PVH pump
Eaton Vickers PVH Variable Piston Hydraulic Pump

Model: PVH57, PVH63, PVH74, PVH81, PVH98, PVH106, PVH131, 
            and PVH141
Sample: PVH74QIC-RF-1S-10-C25V-31
         or: PVH074R01AA50B252000001001AB010A

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Vickers PVQ pump
Eaton Vickers PVQ Variable Piston Pump
Model: PVQ10,PVQ13,PVQ16,PVQ20,PVQ25,PVQ32,PVQ40,PVQ45
Sample: PVQ16-A2R-SE1S-11-C11
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MFB motor
Eaton Vickers MFB and MVB Hydraulic Piston Motor
Vickers MFB Fixed Dispalcement Inline Hydraulic Piston Motor
Vickers MVB Variable Displacement Inline Hydraulilc Piston Motor
MFB5UY21, MFB10UY31, MFB20UY10, MFB29UY10, MFB45UY10
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Eaton pump
Eaton Fixed Displacement HHD Motor and Variable ACA Pump
ACA pump: Eaton3923, Eaton4623, Eaton5423, Eaton6423, Eaton7620 
HHD motor: Eaton3933, Eaton4633, Eaton5433, Eaton6433, Eaton7630
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Eaton ADU pump
Eaton Mobile Piston Pump ADU041 ADU049 ADU062 ADU080
Eaton ADU pump: ADU041, ADU049, ADU062, ADU080
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